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Cleveland Responds To Drafting #JohnnyFootball on Twitter

johnny manziel

ImFromCleveland.com gathered a list of some of movers and shakers in the Cleveland area who poured out their expression of excitement for the drafting of Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel, a part of Drake’s OVO, will come to Cleveland on a high pedestal. Akron‘s own LeBron James is also very close to the young star. With the company of some of LeBron’s friends back in the city (Donte Whitner) and a possibility that Drake will come to watch his young prospect, it’s only right we can speculate The Return of King James! The Browns will not only hopefully be a playoff contender, but Manziel could possibly be a future Super Bowl winning quarterback. It is very early, but as a Cleveland Brown fan, we can only hope things are on the up! Hit the break to check out the tweets! Continue reading