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#BlameSwoope Episode 4: Interview w/ John Stursa (Video)

Swoope and I had a great time shooting the fourth episode of his series #BlameSwoope. This one is titled “Why You Not Posting My Music.” Swoope plays a mad rapper “Frosty Tipz” who breaks into my house (not actually my house!) to confront me about not posting his music on ImFromCleveland. After reconciling, he asks me questions that vary from how I got into the music scene at such a young age, what are the goals of IFC, playing high school basketball, and what exactly is #TheCosign? 

Excuse my poor acting skills! haha

Common Ave – #ClevelandsNextUp Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

Watch all 3 artists in Common Ave go in for their #ClevelandsNextUp 2015 freestyle below.

Also check out their interview where they discuss their project Aurora Borealis, keeping the attention of local crowds while performing, their creative process, what Cleveland artists they wanna work with, and more.

Kanye West on The Ellen Show

Kanye West On Ellen

Kanye took to The Ellen Show and gave her the OK to air his new music video for his song “Only One”. While the song features the legendary Paul McCartney, the visual features Kanye’s son, North West. West also talked to Ellen about how his marriage to Kim Kardashian and how he has learned to “Shut up more”. Check out both videos below.

Ellen’s Interview with Kanye

Kanye West – “Only One” Music Video

Tommy Missus – #ClevelandsNextUp Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

Tommy Missus‘ #ClevelandsNextUp freestyle and interview are now available. Check them out below!

Microwave Red – #ClevelandsNextUp Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

Twitter: @MicrowaveRed

Microwave Red SPAZZES on his #ClevelandsNextUp 2015 freestyle. WOW! Watch it below along with the interview he did with ImFromCleveland.com