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King Chip – CleveLAfornia (Album)

Twitter: @Chip216

After dropping his Synergy Tape just a few days ago, fans old and new of King Chip are all ready to hear what he’s been hiding on his new, highly-anticpated project CleveLAfornia. Though a long time in the making, the album fails to disappoint. Featuring guest appearances from artists Asher RothBig Sean, Chuck InglishHopsinProject Pat, and more, this is yet another Chip project you’re not going to want to miss out on. Click here to purchase on Amazon.

Hopsin Releases “Pound Syndrome” Tracklist


Hopsin releases the tracklist to his upcoming album “Pound Syndrome” check it out below.

1. The Pound (Intro)

2. Forever III

3. No Hope Ramona feat. Jarren Benton

4. Mr. Jones

5. Fort Collins feat. Dizzy Wright

6. No Words (skit)

7. Crown Me

8. Ill Mind of Hopsin 7

9. FV Til I Die feat. SwizZz

10. My Love

11. No Fucks Given

12. Fly

13. I Just Can’t

Hopsin – “Pound Syndrome” Album Announcement

Hopsin - Pound Syndrome Album Art

After admitting that his prior announcement (declaring his retirement from the rap game and his move to Austrailia) was all a joke, Hopsin gets serious and unveils some details on his new album. The new project, titled Pound Syndrome is said to already be completed and just waiting to be released in 2015. The rapper revealed all this on his instagram account, stating the following:

“I’m extremely happy to announce that I have already completed my 2015 album “Pound Syndrome” for youguys! I didn’t wanna tell anyone I was working on it because I didn’t want ANY pressure at all. The Funk Volume team is about to come strong as f**k! Shout out to @threekingsdr for the artwork! #PoundSyndrome#FV2015″