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Kanye West – Home Video Freestyle

Watch this short video clip of a young Kanye West spitting a freestyle on some newly discovered home video recorded by his mother Donda West. Some classic Ye for your Monday!

Wassup in the back?
And it’s time to select
But my (name’s) Kanye
I have to start my rhymes with the finish
I’ll diminish other MC’s on the Top 10, I bump them
Hey yo my man he know (hot beats?) Kanye
I’m def’ and Im fresh and I’m on the rec
Nothin’ less could come from West!

Donda: Hahaha! Get out of town Kanye!

Ezzy – “R.I.C.O.” (Freestyle)

ezrico FULL

ImFromCleveland.com just exclusively released Ezzy‘s new “R.I.C.O.” freestyle. This track is absolutely CRAZY! Ezzy has seen a lot of success with his Sway Freestyle that went viral lately, and it even landed him on HotNewHipHop‘s best freestyles of 2015. Listen to the track below!

ImFromCleveland.com: #ClevelandsNextUp 2015 Freestyles

ImFromCleveland.com has released all of the freestyles from their annual #ClevelandsNextUp series. You can listen to all 10 freestyles and check out these upcoming artists by watching the playlist above! It’s super easy to scroll through and watch whichever ones interest you! Which one was was your favorite?