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Cleveland Responds To Drafting #JohnnyFootball on Twitter

johnny manziel

ImFromCleveland.com gathered a list of some of movers and shakers in the Cleveland area who poured out their expression of excitement for the drafting of Johnny Manziel. Johnny Manziel, a part of Drake’s OVO, will come to Cleveland on a high pedestal. Akron‘s own LeBron James is also very close to the young star. With the company of some of LeBron’s friends back in the city (Donte Whitner) and a possibility that Drake will come to watch his young prospect, it’s only right we can speculate The Return of King James! The Browns will not only hopefully be a playoff contender, but Manziel could possibly be a future Super Bowl winning quarterback. It is very early, but as a Cleveland Brown fan, we can only hope things are on the up! Hit the break to check out the tweets! Continue reading

The Greatest Day In Cleveland Sports – The Documentary

A documentary about the 1964 Championship Game in which the underrated Cleveland Browns stunned the Baltimore Colts with a 27-0 victory is currently in the works. In order for it to be completed, the group putting it together is in need of some help and support from local Browns fans who want to see the finished product.

To read more about the documentary click here to visit the Kickstarter page which was created to allow supporters to donate money so the film can be completed.