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Chance The Rapper – Chance Raps (Hosted by Mattitude)

With a new Chance tape dropping this month, Mattitude releases this new surprise Chance The Rapper mixtape Chance Raps. Featuring works from all of Chance’s major projects to date, Chance Raps is full of the Chicago artists’ biggest songs, as well as rare interview clips and material that even Chance’s biggest fans haven’t heard! Stream this project below exclusively on Leak Jones.

Best Mixtapes of 2013: 2. Chance the Rapper – Acid Rap

During the spring of 2012 the world saw the emergence of Chief Keef -a Chicago rapper who’s music is reflective of the city’s violent and gang oriented culture. Keef’s success put a spotlight on the city’s “drill” sound which wound up taking the gangsta rap world by storm. Spring of 2013 on the other hand brought us basically the antithesis of what we thought was everything Windy city hip-hop had to offer when Chance The Rapper’s Acid Rap dropped. This project came as a particular breath of fresh air because it seemingly fell out of the sky. Acid Rap dropped and everyone was listening to it. Everyone. At the time it was addicting, catchy, very cutting-edge, and found a good balance of being theatrical while not taking it over the top. The freEP was so good in fact, that it was sold in stores and people bought so many copies that it wound up being listed on the Billboard charts. Here’s what makes this mixtape special -it didn’t fizzle out like other mixtapes from rappers that we’d never heard of before. How did these 13 songs maintain the lifespan that they did? Did it hit the right audience at the right time or was it really just that good? Granted its probably unlike anything we’ve heard before, but does that particularly mean it’s that good? Is Chance the Rapper really that good or were the stars just aligned for it to be the go-to mixtape for so many college kids across the country? Chance leave’s a lot of questions for us in 2014 so I guess that’s what sets it apart from a lot of other music. It without a doubt leaves us wanting more.

Standout tracks include “Chain Smoker”, Paranoia on my Mind” (Feat. Nosaj Thing), “Smoke Again” (feat. Ab-Soul), and “NaNa” (feat. Action Bronson)

Listen to Acid Rap here, and stay tuned to see what came out on top as the best mixtape of 2013