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ImFromCleveland.com: #ClevelandsNextUp 2015 Freestyles

ImFromCleveland.com has released all of the freestyles from their annual #ClevelandsNextUp series. You can listen to all 10 freestyles and check out these upcoming artists by watching the playlist above! It’s super easy to scroll through and watch whichever ones interest you! Which one was was your favorite?

Common Ave – #ClevelandsNextUp Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

Watch all 3 artists in Common Ave go in for their #ClevelandsNextUp 2015 freestyle below.

Also check out their interview where they discuss their project Aurora Borealis, keeping the attention of local crowds while performing, their creative process, what Cleveland artists they wanna work with, and more.

Tommy Missus – #ClevelandsNextUp Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

Tommy Missus‘ #ClevelandsNextUp freestyle and interview are now available. Check them out below!

#ClevelandsNextUp: Shawn K – Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

Shawn K

Both Shawn K‘s #ClevelandsNextUp 2015 freestyle and interview have been released over the past two days on ImFromCleveland.com | You can check them both out below! Also included is his latest song “Instant.”

#ClevelandsNextUp: Mz Crazy Tee – Freestyle & Interview (Videos)

mz crazy tee freestyle

Mz Crazy Tee is the second of ten artists whose #ClevelandsNextUp content has been released by ImFromCleveland.com. Check out both her freestyle and interview below!