Album Review: DJ Mustard’s “10 Summers” Made Me Take 10 Slumbers

People are calling DJ Mustard’s “10 Summers” album of the year which makes me scratch my head. A lot. But before we get into that its only fair that we go over the stone cold facts- DJ Mustard is an incredibly talented producer and 10 Summers has the most star-studded lineup of any album released this year. Thing is, with both of these elements coming into play, the album failed to show us anything we didn’t already know from DJ Mustard’s breakout appearance on YG’s major label debut “My Krazy Life” or from there being a DJ Mustard song on the radio once every 15 minutes.

Don’t get me wrong not all the songs sound exactly the same as one could argue does happen frequently with the ubiquitous producer -and I personally enjoy 1 or 2 of the tracks. “Throw Your Hood Up” (feat. Dom Kennedy, Royce & RJ) was a menacing, abrasive hood anthem reminiscent of what he was able to do numerous times on My Krazy Life. “Face Down” (feat. Lil Wayne, Big Sean, YG and Boosie Badazz) was an immaculate culmination of a clash of the titans lineup and a fresh, experimental producing style I’m sure we’ll be hearing a lot of this time, next summer. The two standout tracks from the album were standouts for the simple fact that they sounded different than the bounce that we all know artists like Young Jeezy, Nipsey Hussle, IamSu! float over.

Aside from “Face Down”, the features from the “big name” artists overall probably earned the grade of a C. Rick Ross & Wiz both had lackadaisical appearances on “Deep“. It was followed by a particularly nice beat with a matching lyrical showcase from 2 Chainz on “Giuseppe” which saved this track from the grip of mediocrity at the hands of tired lines from Young Jeezy and an out of left field appearance from Yo Gotti. The R&B songs were an honest try but they were a stretch, and you can never fault a guy for trying. In general 10 summers was naturally a listenable album, and definitely a party friendly LP, yet it still didn’t quite live up to its potential.

Download it for yourself via google play here

By Jordan Smith


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