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Interview w/ Marina Ann (Ohio’s Got Talent Competition Winner)

Marina Ann x OGT

Marina Ann was the winner of the  The Fourth Annual Ohio’s Got Talent Competition put on by Humble Heroz. Hit the break to check out her interview, where she discusses such topics as when she started playing, which instruments she plays, who she admires, her influences, and more. Continue reading

Up Close Look At Afrika Bambaataa’s Vinyl Collection

Take an inside look at Afrika Bambaataa’s vinyl collection curated at Cornell University. The legendary collection consists of 638 boxes in all, each filled with records.There are even travel crates that remain untouched from when Bambaataa was still travelling and DJing. If your a fan of vinyl or just hip-hop in general, you need to see this amazing collection!

LeakJones Exclusive: Interview With Chevy Woods (Video)


LeakJones was able to sit down for an Exclusive Interview with Taylor Gang‘s, Chevy Woods. A big thanks to Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor from Star Music Media and Nerve DJ’s for putting together this interview.

Chevy Woods talked about how he met Wiz Khalifa, his take on Taylor Gang’s hit remix “OG Bobby Taylor,” as well as what kind of herbal medication the Taylor’s have. Chevy was a very funny and personal dude. Check out the video above!

Interviewed By: Connor O’Donnell

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