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No Soda Cxka – Yea Yea (Prod. DJ Lamar)

Coming off a successful run with his infectious club hit “Rico” No Soda Cxka formerly Tae Harlem is showing no signs of slowing down! Just when you expect to hear something up beat for the clubs he gives us an emotionally charged story of partnerships gone sour, brotherhood & other obstacles on his latest debut titled “Yea Yea” produced by Dj Lamar off the forthcoming EP  “1989”.


No Soda Cxka – OG Told Me [Presented By Corey Grand]

No Soda Cxka links back up with Corey Grand to release his latest single “OG Told Me” produced by Drumlordz. No Soda Cxka formerly Tae Harlem channels his inner No Limit with this release as you can see from the cover art and lyricism.

Stream / Download below and make sure you keep an eye out for his upcoming mixtape “Voice Of The Ghetto” with a possible top of the year release.

Joey Sap Feat. Lorine Chia – My Own


The Midwest is a welcome place to find a plethora of soul and depth and today we get a new one from a pair of Clevelanders in Joey Sap and Lorine Chia who debut their latest release, “My Own.” The track preludes the former’s upcoming Intervention release due out on June 26. It’s sort of indie-leaning R&B with Hip-Hop intonations that benefits well here from Chia’s distinctive vocals that have made her a favorite for a minute now.

In talking about the track, Sap said, “The only motivation is you. ‘My Own’ was produced and created because of the need to capture emotion and could only be done through music. A loss of a good friend was the root to the creation of ‘My Own’ and the mixtape it’s featured on, Intervention.”

It’s a depth-defying look inwards that moves along nicely with the off-hand production that’s mixes in meandering notes with quick-witted samples to create a sort of state of confusion throughout. Interesting single from a new face on the scene in Joey Sap. Check out the track in its entirety below.

-via TSS

Corey Grand – Water (Video)

It’s a known fact that sound waves travel differently underwater, bending and elongating as tides drift and pressure fluctuates, and it seems that award-winning Cleveland DJ Corey Grand is keen to imagine what kinds of sonic possibilities this phenomena might offer on his new single, “Water.”

A down-tuned thumb piano riff sinks slowly through the water like a pair of shell-toe Adidas thrown overboard and a syrupy g-funk lead floats above the surface on cool r’n’b chords, airy like sea spray. As the track deepens, Grand deploys bursts of rhythmic footwork figures that deflect off into sharply aberrant trajectories away from the beat’s placid calm.Like sonar pulses, blind to the depths and expanse of the oceanic space around them, these individual sounds don’t so much outline the physical structures of groove so much as obliquely imply its basic shape.

But then suddenly things change. Each of these elements come together in a riot of kinesis, flashing like a silvery cyclone of fish swimming in unison, only to scatter once again into their respective berths, slouching seaward with salty skin.



Nemo Achida – LaLa/Sniffles (Video)

The 88-Keys co-signed artist, Nemo Achida, is back after a quick break from releasing music, with the debut of his new video for “LaLa/Sniffles.” The dual video shows off Nemo’s artistic range, while also displaying his immense talent as an MC moving forward. “LaLa” is produced by DJ Corey Grand and will appear on Nemo’s 2015 pre-summer release, Anti-Hero.

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