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E-V Announces College Thursday on 96.5 (18+ Party In Cleveland)

Every Thursday this summer in downtown Cleveland, starting June 2nd (2016), there will be a weekly party provided for college students. The venue will be announced very soon. Be sure to bring all of your friends to this 18+ event!

Follow @CollegeThursday for updates. We can be found on Twitter, Snapchat, Facebook, and Instagram.

Rami Beatz Interview w/ I’m From Cleveland (Video)

I’m From Cleveland recently interviewed Rami Beatz to see what he’s been up to and what we can look forward to in the future from him. It’s always good to get to know someone like him better! Check out the full interview below.

IFC: Rami, you are coming off of some great momentum after collaborating with Zack Knight. That record performed very well. Where did it end up on the charts, & how did that all come together?

Rami: It ended up at #4 on the iTunes R&B charts in the UK and is averaging around a million plays a month on YouTube. I actually never met Zack in person. A mutual friend named Rummi heard the instrumental which was released on my soundcloud and played it for Zack and he loved and we connected through email and were talking and planning out the song for months before it came out. Me and Dot Da Genius made the beat in 2013 and released it on my soundcloud.

IFC: Any other notable songs you’ve released lately that the people should check out?

Rami: I released a cool instrumental called “Panic” about a month ago. Other than that most of my new music is on my Soundcloud. I have lots of new music I’ll be releasing this summer, along with a single I will be releasing in mid May.

IFC: Do you have a project in the works?

Rami: Yep I’m working on creating singles and getting artists on my tracks and releasing the tracks myself as an artist. I’m really excited about putting out my own music because it gives me more control and I don’t have to wait on people all day. I work on my time and it’s a great feeling.

IFC: What are some of the most talented artists you have been producing for recently? Have any of them been your favorite for any particular reason?

Rami: I’ve been working with a lot of up and comers I have some new music with Zack Knight coming out soon and also have some music with my friend Mickey Shiloh. She’s a phenomenal up and coming singer based in LA. Other than them I have been working with a couple of very talented up and coming singers that I have met in LA. I produced a single for an artist named Loren North that will be coming out soon that I feel will do very well.

IFC: What made you want to step out and become an artist?

Rami: I like to be in control of the production of the song in every aspect. I’d like to go on tour this summer and DJ a bunch of festivals if possible. It’s going to be a good feeling to be able to perform my own music. All of the music I’ve been producing for people in the last year and a half has been generating hundreds of thousands of plays and the Zack Knight song in the millions. I feel like I can achieve the same outcome when I release music on my own. I have a lot of good relationships with artists here and all I have to do is ask and they will get on one of my beats and allow me to release it myself.

Bibi Bourelly – Sally (Video)

“Let me see you rock little Sally.” Bibi Bourelly‘s new video is an inspiration to everyone. Below we have the word Sally defined as found on her website.

SALLY, at his or her core, is someone who shakes off hate, negativity, and bad vibes and maintains focus and energy on what is most important for him or her.”

Bibi is currently encouraging listeners to post videos and hand written statements about what “Sally is” to them. Be sure to use the hashtag #SallyIs

Rosco (NoE) – My Outlandish Story (Video)

Rosco (NoE) new visual for his track “My Outlandish Story” is a tale of a man from Cleveland, Ohio attempting to chase his musical dreams, while facing the challenges of everyday life in this society. He is trying to put the city in a positive spotlight, and promote stopping the violence! Support this talented artist by checking out the video and sharing your thoughts about it!


DJ F.A.T.E. – Welcome To The Midwest V (Mixtape)

DJ F.A.T.E. has put out the fifth installation of Welcome To The Midwest. As the title gives away, this project shines light on some of the biggest releases the midwest has seen as of late. Artists featured range from Scotty ATL, Kid Cudi, Chase N Cash, Jerreau, King Chip, Al Fatz, and more. Stream below via LiveMixtapes.

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