LeakJones Exclusive: Interview With Chevy Woods (Video)


LeakJones was able to sit down for an Exclusive Interview with Taylor Gang‘s, Chevy Woods. A big thanks to Quincy “Big Heff” Taylor from Star Music Media and Nerve DJ’s for putting together this interview.

Chevy Woods talked about how he met Wiz Khalifa, his take on Taylor Gang’s hit remix “OG Bobby Taylor,” as well as what kind of herbal medication the Taylor’s have. Chevy was a very funny and personal dude. Check out the video above!

Interviewed By: Connor O’Donnell

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Album Review: Local Alternative Outfit SomeKindaWonderful Hit The Brink of Stardom

The city on the lake hasn’t been able to breed a fresh, new sound in alternative rock realm since the days of Trent Reznor and Nine Inch Nails in the early-to-mid 90s. Nowadays it’s SomeKindaWonderful who sits atop the Alt. Rock throne in Cleveland. Their rise to prominence begins with the release of their self-titled debut album, and its lead single. When “Reverse” dropped it took no time dominating the airwaves in Los Angeles, Denver, Buffalo and numerous other markets across the country. Reverse is just the tip of the iceberg of the band’s expanding collection of music. Their album from top to bottom presents a breath of fresh air as it grabs inspiration from artists & genres across the board.

Vocalist Jordy Towers displays his versatility throughout the album but really impressed on the opening track, “Cornbread.” Whats also impressive is the musical composition throughout the album. The next track, “Police” almost completely abandons the classic rock vibe felt in the previous song. The harmonizing in the background is the foundation for an array of both computer and human instrumentation. “Hard For Days” features some of the same effects, except the tempo increases providing for more of a bounce. The constant dynamic shift between fast and slow within the songs make it exponentially more intriguing. Suddenly during the breakdown our vocalist spits a few bars before going right back into the uptempo chorus. “Honeymoon” provides for one of the edgier pop-songs on the album. The songwriting also stands out on this record as Jordy explains his relationship up-and-downs and ultimately comes to the conclusion that the happy-go-lucky sunshiny Honeymoon days with this one are over. Ironically, next is the lead-single “Reverse“, the a record where the lead singer narrates a complex ongoing affair with a girl who’ll wind up becoming his girlfriend. On the melancholy “Caveman” tune, the lead singer gracefully declares his wrongdoings over a vibrant, the pulsating drums and a faint electric guitar. “Amaretto” is another record where the drums seem to control things as far as instruments go. Jordy’s welcoming, ambient voice makes Amaretto the perfect summer relaxation song. “Devilish Man” makes a return to the classic down-home American Rock we heard at the beginning of the album. The soulfully sang record documents a somewhat conniving guy who we later find out is ultimately an alter-ego of the lead singer. “Laugh Out Loud” is an anthemic record that features menacing guitar riffs throughout. The guitar paired with Jordy Towers songwriting and delivery makes for a stellar combination. This flows into arguably the best song on the album, “In Chains“. The combo of second-to-none songwriting mixed flawless instrumentation send it into a league of its own. Things start to brighten up on “Shine on Me” which provides a good, upbeat segway into the final track, “Burn For Me“.

SomeKindaWonderful’s debut album has something for everyone. After the success of “Reverse“, it’s safe to assume that this isn’t the last we’ve heard of the buzzing Cleveland quintet. Stay tuned for more from SomeKindaWonderful on LeakJones & ImFromCle!

By Jordan Smith

Chet Faker – Gold


Gold by Chet Faker is not a new track, in fact, it was released in April via Future Classic on his Built On Glass album. However, it has been recently released as a single. It seems like Chet Faker wants to remind us how amazing this song really is. Lyrics telling us, You gotta know, I’m feeling love.” Forcing us to take a deeper look at this song to hear things that we might have missed during its initial release. (Which is totally understandable, because that whole album was amazing.)

Via: EDMsauce

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